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Spotify on PlayStation

Download the Spotify app on your PS5 or PS4 to listen to your favorite music and podcasts on your console.

Logging in

Open the Spotify app on your console, then choose one of these ways to log in:

  • Enter your Spotify email address and password.
  • Open the Spotify app on your phone or tablet, and find your device using Spotify Connect.
  • Select LOG IN WITH PIN. Then on another device, go to and enter the pin you see on your screen.

When you log in to Spotify, your account links to your PlayStation Network account. This automatically logs you in to Spotify whenever you log in to your PSN account.

Listen while you game

When you play Spotify on your PS5 or PS4, it continues to play while you game.

Tip: If the game allows, you can disable in-game music for the best Spotify experience.

Disconnect Spotify from PlayStation Network

To disconnect your PSN account from Spotify:

  1. Go to your account page.
  2. Click Remove Access for Sony.

Alternatively, you can disconnect Spotify on your console:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Users and Accounts.
  3. Click Link Services.
  4. Select Spotify.
  5. Select Unlink.

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