What can I play Spotify on?

Don’t tie Spotify down to just one device.

You can download the app on all sorts of computers, phones, and tablets. Check our system requirements to see if yours is compatible.

You can also play Spotify on games consoles, speakers, TVs, smart watches, in the car, and on other devices. Subject to market availability.

Check out Spotify Everywhere for more devices we support. Or find out how to simply send your music to different devices with Spotify Connect or Bluetooth.

Can I play on several devices at the same time?

You can log in and listen to Spotify on as many devices as you like without needing to change any settings, but you can only play on one device at a time.

Note: If you begin playing on another device, playback on the original device is paused. If you’d like to share Premium with others, check out What subscriptions do you offer?

Offline devices

If you have Premium, you can download music and podcasts for offline listening on up to 5 devices at a time.

If you download music on a 6th device, downloads are automatically removed from the device that hasn't been used in the longest amount of time.

Last updated: 5 February, 2021

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