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Profile and playlist user image guidelines

You can personalize Spotify by creating your own playlist covers and descriptions and by uploading your own profile picture.

However, content that violates the Spotify Platform Rules will be removed.

In addition, you can't upload any images that violate any copyright, trademark, or personal image rights, which are as follows:

  • Copyright - In most countries and regions, copyright laws exist to protect people's original works and creations (book, music, art, etc.). Copyright generally doesn’t protect ideas or facts, but in some cases it protects original words or images used to express an idea. To find out more detailed information about country or region specific copyright laws, check out the WIPO’s Global Directory.
  • Trademark - Trademark is a word, slogan, symbol, or design (logo, brand/company name) that distinguishes the products/services offered by one entity from those of another. Generally, the purpose of trademark laws are to prevent consumer confusion about the source of the party providing service.
  • Personal Image - Personality rights, or right of publicity, protect an individual from unauthorised public or commercial use of their name, image, personality, or likeness. Basically, don’t post an image of someone without their consent.
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