Play Spotify on your LG TV using the mobile app or your LG TV remote control. 

Get started

For: 2016 and newer models of LG TVs.

With LG remote control 

  1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote, then select LG Content Store from the tab launcher.
  2. Select Premium from the tab bar on the right to locate Spotify.
  3. Select it to install.
  4. Open the app and select LOG IN or SIGN UP to start listening.

With Spotify app

Use Spotify Connect to play from the app on your mobile, tablet, or desktop:

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the same WiFi network as your LG TV and open Spotify.
  2. Play a song and tap Devices Available (mobile) or click  (desktop).
  3. Select your LG TV from the device picker and start listening.

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Need help?

For help setting up and troubleshooting, check out the LG TV support page.

Check out other articles on our support site for help with your Spotify account and subscriptionlistening offline, or if you can’t play music.

Last updated: 19 September, 2018