Think your account’s been hacked?

Our platform and user records are totally secure, but sometimes breaches on other services means someone else may log into your Spotify account.

Look out for:

  • Your password not working anymore
  • Your email address changing
  • Playlists added or lost
  • Recently Played looking wrong
  • Music playing without your control
  • Your subscription changing
  • Another Facebook connecting to your account
  • Emails about logins you don’t recognise

Rest assured, your financial and security details are never compromised.

Secure your account

First, reset your password

Open your reset link in a private/incognito window, and choose a strong password you haven't used before.

Reset your password 

Change the password for any service associated with your account, such as your email address, Facebook, or Apple.

Tip: Check the security of your Facebook.

Then, sign out everywhere

Log in to your account page, scroll down, and select SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE.

Go to your account page

Lost anything?

We can help secure and restore anything lost on your account.

Get in touch

Tip: Prepare a screenshot of your Spotify receipt or bank statement - we may need it for security (make sure it doesn’t show your full credit card number, expiration date, or 3-digit code). 

Last updated: 26 November, 2020

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