Manage payment details

You can manage your Spotify payments any time.

To update your payment details, or change your payment method:

  1. Log in to your account page.
  2. Under Your plan, click UPDATE next to your payment method. 
    Note: If your plan is associated with a partner, you’ll need to contact them directly to manage your payment.
  3. Enter a new payment method. 

The changes will take effect from your next billing date. 

Some payment providers may issue an authorization charge when you update your payment details. 

You can view your billing date and manage your plan on your account page.

To change the day of your Spotify payment:

  1. Cancel your current subscription.
  2. After your account page changes Spotify Free (under Your plan), you can resubscribe to Premium on the day you’d like to be charged.

You'll now be charged on or around this day each month. 

Last updated: 28 November, 2019